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Hello I'm Paul,

Hello, I'm Paul, a spiritual entrepreneur, father, adventurer, life coach, and mentor who encourages people to feel important enough in all areas of life to design and create for themselves. My ten-year journey was often rocky, and I longed for a mentor who could provide me with a clear perspective.

To me, courage means not the absence of fear, but rather facing fear consciously and continuing fearlessly. My career spans from training as a restaurant professional to being the commercial manager of two hotels, shaped by tourism and now also relevant to business consulting, advisory services, and coaching.

At 18, I began practicing yoga and meditation at 21 I experienced a profound awakening moment while reading "WU WEI" in the Tao by Theo Fischer on a rowboat on Lake Starnberg. This marked the beginning of my life of non-violence, non-resistance, and conscious surrender to inner guidance.

Despite many obstacles, discipline and bold decisions in my 20s and 30s, I emerged clearer and stronger. My training extended from Ving-Chun Kung Fu, Yin Yang Tao, sweat lodge rituals, and shamanism to systemic-constructivist coaching, NLP practitioner and master, and firewalk instructor training according to the guidelines of Tolly Burkan in the USA.

At the age of 40, I continued my education with a degree as a state-certified hotel business administrator in Germany, Regenstauf. My path embodies the belief in energy, trust in the universe, and the ability to evolve at any age. 👍

Insights into my recent events

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