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Foto von spirituelle Aufstellung

Spiritual Constellation

Transformative energie for balance and healing

How does it work?

Spiritual Constellation for transformative healing

Discover the powerful world of spiritual constellation work, a path to profound spiritual healing. In various forms, this method offers intense dynamics and diverse opportunities for self-discovery.

Group constellation:

Experience direct, multisensory immersion into your issues through representatives. Visually, auditorily, and even kinesiologically - the dynamics allow for strong recognition. Concealed concerns are possible, known only to you and the constellation facilitator.

Individual constellation:

Let go, open up to energies. The client becomes their own observer as the mind steps back. Dissociated work allows for deep insights when the client is ready to let go of their own mind.

You Walk My Way:

A powerful experience where a person takes on your energies. Observe or actively engage in the dynamics through dissociation - the facilitator helps discover new possibilities.

Board constellation:

Visualize sociograms and experience direct impacts. Change attitudes towards certain people and feel immediate changes. Especially suitable for a playful approach, including with children and teenagers.

In all forms of constellations, whether as a participant or a representative, the issues touch deeply. By being open to energies and letting go of the mind, pathways to spiritual healing open up. Dive into a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual healing. 🌟

What can be constellated?

The possibilities are limitless: from personal issues like relationships, illness, and calling to collective aspects like family histories, spiritual connections, and societal questions.

In many cultures, constellations are practiced in different ways, from shamans to yoga traditions. Spiritual constellations provide a non-judgmental space to delve into the depths of one's own history and humanity.

Intuition plays a crucial role in determining which aspects to constellate. It's a journey to greater self-understanding, inner peace, and spiritual healing.

The magic of spiritual constellations is best experienced by being part of it. I’m happy to share regular dates with you. Join the WhatsApp or Telegram group to also see past messages.

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